Monday, 8 April 2013

Liquid Gold!

Maple Syrup Day!!!!

For the first time ever the conditions were just right for trying this. Firstly, the maple tree I planted 25 years ago in the garden is over 12" diameter, there was frost in the ground, daytime above freezing and before bud burst. So, a quick check on tinternet and out with the drill and a piece of pipe - blimey, it's working - quick get a jug!

Within an hour it was clear I would need to big up the collection device so brewing kit to the rescue.

After a few hours had collected about 4 litres of sap, so into the pan to reduce it to syrup.

And what it boils down to, literally, is about 4 cm in a jam jar!
Tastes delicious, and I won't ever complain about the price of maple syrup again!


  1. Looks great, any chance of sharing around this nectar? ; )

  2. Ha Ha Sean, there's more syrup stuck to the pan than in the jar! Now that I know it works, I'll be better prepared next year and will try birch and walnut syrup too.